Sunday, December 05, 2004

Supercell Deprivation Syndrome

Supercell Deprivation Syndrome (SDS) is a disease that many chasers have recently been associated with. Its sympoms should not be taken lightly. SDS chasers should be glad that Supercell Deprivation Treatment Centers exist to help remedy their infirmity.


Anonymous said...

This year me and my brother are finally going chasing in late April. This is the first time we can both get a week off work at the same time. We've always loved weather, and both minored in Geology at the University of California at Riverside. I've read many weather books, and have purchased the Storm Chasing Handbook and have read it cover to cover a couple of times. We are as prepared as we can be and are both looking forward to this trip. We are flying into Dallas on Apr. 24th, 2005 and are spending 8 days in the area. We are prepared to drive as far north as Nebraska or as far east as Arkansas to go where the action is. I fully realize the odds of finding a tornado producing event is extremely high, but at this point I'll be happy with a few supercells to record. Anyway, I've been purchasing some gear for our trip, a scanner, a nice camera, a camcorder, etc., but I was wondering if theres anything I really need? Anyway, hope to see some of you out there this season.
Michael Johnson

Bucky said...

Hi Mike,

A lot of chasers say that an amateur radio license (i.e. a ham license) greatly enhances the chase experience by being able to communicate with other chasers in your area and on different sides of the storm. Perhaps you can look into getting an amateur radio license. I know that I am going to, eventually.

Feel free to register on the forums at ; you can ask all kinds of questions there, and you can learn a lot from experienced chasers.

Happy chasing! Hope your chase vacation is a success!

P.S. How the heck did you run across this blog? I don't have it linked [i]anywhere[/i]! :)