Monday, May 21, 2007

Coming attractions

Jake and I are sorting through all the video and photographs we took during the week, and will have some of this media posted to the blog within the next few days.


RBChallenger said...

I'll definitely have to check back for more to come on this. Storm chasing is something that I would love to get back into... would be nice to find a group to chase with here locally that I could learn from as well.

Richard Jones

Matthew said...

I'll be checking on this too! I got re-obsessed with severe storms after going through a nice huge supercell with a nicely defined shelf cloud last august.

I have since been looking into how to be a spotter for an experienced chaser, but it's slow going. I hope to find some clues here. I have a great second sense about severe weather from my days in OK... though I now live in CA.

wxman said...

I'm feeling so excited about this one..I will love to watch out what you guys got for us..I'm coming back to watch it out.:)